As Private As It Can Get.

A One Of A Kind Double-layered Ring Signature Multi-chain Wallet With Zero Knowledge Proof Integration.

Subsidiary Project of IOTEN


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Intuitive design 

TEN Wallet will bring latest privacy-preserving technology to the daily users by leaving the current complicated solutions behind.

The choice is yours

Enable or disable privacy at will. Choose to either send to a regular wallet without the enabling privacy or choose to select with full privacy enabled.


How it Works

For each transaction a brand new wallet will be created and funds will be sent to the newly created wallet. Later, the funds get sent to a first Mixer TEN Wallet pool which will be used to mix up the incoming transactions. To further enhance the security the mixed funds will get sent to second Mixer TEN Wallet pool to further and retain the amount through zero knowledge proofs. As a final step, the brand new funds combination will be  sent out as output to the Recipient. 

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Smart Staking

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There is no need to freeze tokens or store them in any special wallets. Staking works for everyone, always. This generates passive income, keeps some tokens out of circulation and encourages holding for the long term.

Intensive Deflation

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A part of company's profits is used to buy back TENW tokens from exchanges. Those tokens are burnt, which incentivises price growth and creates deflation.

Choose your desired interface for the seamless user experience.

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TEN Wallet Roadmap

2022 Q1/ Q2

2022 Q3/Q4

2022 Q4

Initial Configuration

TEN Mainnet Launch

Privacy Tab

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What can you do with TENW?


Lower Transaction Fees



TENW tokens will play a key role in governing TEN Wallet blockchain.


TENW tokens will be used to pay for the transactions while using the TEN Wallet. Hybrid Gas Fees apply. Collected TENW tokens will be burned.

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Stake your IOTN tokens to earn 30%+ APR (rate varies)




Contract: 0x5132e359c9e784e339f803b9b73895335f3387cf

 Total supply: (10 Billion) TENW

• Buying Tax is 3% (1% Smart Staking, 2% Liquidity Generation)

• Selling Tax is 3% (1% Burn, 2% Liquidity Generation)